10 motivational tips or quotes! Are you lacking in motivation?

One of the challenges I see everyday in people is lack of motivation or lack of direction. Often its a case of focus and how we think about ourselves or our business. Listed below are 10 motivational tips/quotes to get the mind thinking! Perhaps one will strike a chord with you…..




1) Life is 80% an inner game ,  and 20 % an outer game.


2) Work in your business, and you will make a living,

Work on yourself and you will make a fortune.


3) Working with people who you love being around.


4) You can work on your mind, you can work on your body, if you do not nourish your soul – you are not complete.


5) Values set the stage for action, Goals release the energy.


6) The best way to predict the future is to create it.


7) Be internally motivated, otherwise we allow outside forces to influence us.


8) It’s the questions you ask yourself, not the answers you are seeking.


9) You need to behave in the reality before you perceive it.


10) Instead of making a living, start creating a life.


Hope you have enjoyed these, please feel free to share any other below! Thanks Susie


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