What can we learn from the Olympic success London 2012?

Hi All

Wow what an amazing 2 weeks of Olympic success: amazing efforts from our Olympic athletes and their personal journeys, the amazing venues and crowd support to the game organisers and volunteers who made it all happen. I have felt very proud to be British, I can’t remember London looking so well!!

I for one have been glued but now its over what can we learn from the success and ensure London 2012 leaves a  legacy;

Lord Empey said:

‘In the last two weeks we have seen the transformation of attitudes within the UK from a negative outlook to a can do approach. ‘The United Kingdom proved it could deliver a complicated world-class event and do so in style despite all the doubters.’

I hope we as business owners capitalise on this new attitude and take it forward into our businesses, banish negative thoughts about the economy and look to what is in our control and work on that.

If you listen to the athletes after their success they have heart warming stories of failure in the past but they used that as motivation to carry on and achieve their dreams, “Learn from failure, and come back, like Andy Murray.  He lost in the final in the British Open at Wimbledon to Roger Federer just a few weeks ago. He faced Federer again for an Olympic gold medal, back at Wimbledon, and won.”

Andy Murrey

We don’t get it right all the time but if you can keep your ‘eye on the prize’ you will achieve your goals, you can’t stop it!!


” Be committed to have your heart in your life,

and your life in your heart”.    Susie x

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