Are you where you had planned to be?

As the end of August fast approaches, the school holidays are nearly over and parents breathe a secret sigh of relief as the kids will be going back to school. It’s a good opportunity to take an hour and reflect on the year so far, are you where you had planned to be?

I am sure the majority of readers made some kind of goals at the beginning of 2012, hopefully you made them SMART goals! In my experience the reason people often failure to achieve  their goals is that we tend to get distracted, and we lose track of important things that need to be done consistently in order to move forward. Without effectively tracking your goal and knowing your progress, you maybe discouraged when the first obstacle gets in the way and end up giving up on your goal eventually.

Remember to:

  1. review your goals regularly
  2. break things down into manageable steps
  3. make it measurable
  4. track your time working on your goal

This is where Life Coaching or Personal Development coaching really comes into its own, I have witnessed amazing transformations!

If you’re not on track this year and would like to invest in yourself and realise your goals. Coaching can be arranged at a time and place to suit you, we can even work remotely (Telecoaching) wherever you are in the UK I can help!

More information on my website, please leave any tips below on achieving your goals! Lets make the last quarter of 2012 amazing!!!

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