What are you dedicating your life to?

We want to make a better world for ourselves, our friends, our families. Therefore we have to take responsibility for how we are going to live our life.

You have to know what you are dedicating your life to ??? it makes the rest easier!

We live in a time of discovery, a time when mankind is striving to reach the next horizon, invent a new gadget, defeat a disease and reach the next planet. We know that the human mind has far more capacity and ability than we ever imagined.

The concept of defining your legacy is something that you have a choice over. Each of us possess the will to create our own legacy, now you need to step up and create the power to live the life you choose. Find a purpose and a mission, decide how and what you are going to leave as your legacy. Get focused and make it a must!

Loving people is part of the plan of life! When you make loving others the story of your life, there never is a final chapter as the legacy goes on and on and on.

Be who you are, touch people’s lives and leave the imprint of ‘you’ on time. When you look back, sat in your rocking chair, 90 years young – you want to know that you have left all that you could.

Relish each day as if there would never be another, and when you get the chance to ‘sit out and dance’ with life…I hope you dance!

Let me know how you plan on leaving a legacy and what you are doing to make that happen ??


Choices in life are a balancing act…Life is an adventure!!

Choices in life are a balancing act. We have to see life as an adventure. Each adventure is a chance to learn something, have fun, explore and make a difference.

Things do not always go as planned in life, but go easy on yourself, learn the lessons that need to be learnt and then choose to move on, choose to aim higher, to do better.

Change your thinking and step outside of yourself. Every day we are faced with an immense number of choices and every action we make has an effect on a vast number of people. Make that effect a positive one! Change what you can and let go of the rest, time is short, don’t waste a second of it.

Aim to be the very best you can be. If you’re a parent, choose to be the best parent you can be. If you go to work, choose to be the best at what you do. Set your own standard and choose to let your guiding light come from within. You control the choices you make; you choose which destiny you want.

Get real with yourself, Get results, and be truthful about what’s working. You need to take ownership of situations that arise. If you can’t take ownership of a thought, a circumstance, a problem, behaviour or emotion then you cannot or will not change it. Denial kills hope. Choose how to make the right choices, to change what is holding you back! Be courageous and committed to genuinely be honest with yourself.

How can you improve each and every day? Ask yourself, and then raise the bar, every day! Stay focused yet flexible. Know exactly what you want and make the choices that lead directly there.

Please do let me know how the choices you have made have led to a more fulfilled life.

What questions do you ask of yourself?

We question ourselves all the time in everything we do. We question what to wear that day, what to eat, what type of partner we want, who we are as an individual.

Questions lead to decisions. What questions we ask ourselves determines what answers we get and ultimately the outcomes that we achieve. By asking ourselves thought provoking and challenging questions we can push ourselves further to explore what makes us tick, who we are and what we want to achieve. Questions allow us to analyse not only the decisions we are going to make yet those in which we have made so we can learn from each and every experience.

Powerful and positive questions lead to powerful and positive answers, with powerful and positive outcomes.

  • Are you living the best life that you possibly could?
  • What are you grateful for in your life right now?
  • Am I setting high enough standards for myself?
  • What would you do today if it was your last?
  • How do I want to be remembered?

Make questions specific, target the areas that you feel need improvement and question what you can do to make that shift. Question yourself to go further, to grow and to become more. Question the life you want, then make powerful and positive decisions to get it.


Let me know how you have questioned aspects of your life and the great outcomes they have led to!

First Impressions Last – Business Networking for Success!

Business Networking is your life skills and your

social skills combined with your business skills

First impressions matter! When we meet someone, everything about us needs to be the best it can be! We need to set ourselves up to win, to hit the targets we set and achieve our desired outcome.

Our mental state is so important – there is no point in connecting with someone if we have those ‘little gremlins’ in our heads thinking about “What if I am rejected” or “I am not worthy enough to meet these people”. Do not kid yourself, when you meet someone, they will pick up on vibes we all give off – positive or negative. Make sure that when you meet someone all they sense is confidence and the desire to know more from you!

Trust is built in the instant unconscious rapport connection – or not!

Even though first impressions are not always correct, it is what stays in the mind of the other person until corrected!

  • Prepare before an event – set a specific strategy as to what you fully want to achieve before an event. Maximise your opportunities, market yourself in the best possible way. Practice your pitch and work out which would be the most powerful questions to ask.
  • WOW! Them to Woo them! – Give value first! The power of building the strongest business relationships you can have is to have other people wanting to connect with you!
  • Be a People magnet – Master the art of turning contacts into relationships. Establish common ground to first connect, as the trust builds, the relationship will move to a deeper level.

Success will ultimately depend upon your rapport skills and your networking strategy. Remember, play to your strengths, maximise all the skills you have and know your outcome and stay positive!

Let me know how you have improved your networking strategy and what results have come of it!

Life is a journey unique to you!

What journey do you wish to live for your life?

Life is a journey, yours is unique to you. No matter who we are or where we are from, we all have our own unique journey. Your journey will be one of challenges and learning. Learn from everything that happens, pay attention, and let it add to the path you take. You are in control as to whether you succeed. The gift of life is having the power to control the decisions you make in deciding upon that unique journey.Life is a journey, man walking his own path!

You are the one who is the single biggest influence in your journey!

If you couldn’t fail, what would be your journey? Now make it so that you don’t fail!

Desire creates the dreams that lead to your destiny. No dream is ever too big, your journey needs to be thought through with how you want your life to be and who you are going to be. The journey begins by determining what it is you most desire and every journey needs a plan right? You need to focus on every aspect of you – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Learn how to overcome obstacles, get rid of any limiting beliefs and emotions. Be prepared to jump over any hurdles that may come your way, if you see them coming, leap over them early. If they spring up, know that you have everything you need to knock it down!

Life can give you everything you desire and so much more. Focus upon what you need to do to make your journey one that you dream of! Make it exciting, challenging and adventurous, but most of all make it yours!