First Impressions Last – Business Networking for Success!

Business Networking is your life skills and your

social skills combined with your business skills

First impressions matter! When we meet someone, everything about us needs to be the best it can be! We need to set ourselves up to win, to hit the targets we set and achieve our desired outcome.

Our mental state is so important – there is no point in connecting with someone if we have those ‘little gremlins’ in our heads thinking about “What if I am rejected” or “I am not worthy enough to meet these people”. Do not kid yourself, when you meet someone, they will pick up on vibes we all give off – positive or negative. Make sure that when you meet someone all they sense is confidence and the desire to know more from you!

Trust is built in the instant unconscious rapport connection – or not!

Even though first impressions are not always correct, it is what stays in the mind of the other person until corrected!

  • Prepare before an event – set a specific strategy as to what you fully want to achieve before an event. Maximise your opportunities, market yourself in the best possible way. Practice your pitch and work out which would be the most powerful questions to ask.
  • WOW! Them to Woo them! – Give value first! The power of building the strongest business relationships you can have is to have other people wanting to connect with you!
  • Be a People magnet – Master the art of turning contacts into relationships. Establish common ground to first connect, as the trust builds, the relationship will move to a deeper level.

Success will ultimately depend upon your rapport skills and your networking strategy. Remember, play to your strengths, maximise all the skills you have and know your outcome and stay positive!

Let me know how you have improved your networking strategy and what results have come of it!

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