What questions do you ask of yourself?

We question ourselves all the time in everything we do. We question what to wear that day, what to eat, what type of partner we want, who we are as an individual.

Questions lead to decisions. What questions we ask ourselves determines what answers we get and ultimately the outcomes that we achieve. By asking ourselves thought provoking and challenging questions we can push ourselves further to explore what makes us tick, who we are and what we want to achieve. Questions allow us to analyse not only the decisions we are going to make yet those in which we have made so we can learn from each and every experience.

Powerful and positive questions lead to powerful and positive answers, with powerful and positive outcomes.

  • Are you living the best life that you possibly could?
  • What are you grateful for in your life right now?
  • Am I setting high enough standards for myself?
  • What would you do today if it was your last?
  • How do I want to be remembered?

Make questions specific, target the areas that you feel need improvement and question what you can do to make that shift. Question yourself to go further, to grow and to become more. Question the life you want, then make powerful and positive decisions to get it.


Let me know how you have questioned aspects of your life and the great outcomes they have led to!

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