Reading book list for 2013! Self-help motivational books – a must read!

With Christmas fast approaching I thought I would suggest a must read book list for 2013 to inspire and help you achieve your goals for the coming year. You may even have time to get people to buy them you for Christmas!! The book list below focuses on self-help/motivational books on how to deal with stress and different emotions; how to perform at your best everyday with increased confidence and energy.

Don Colbert- Deadly Emotions

This is an easy to read book that speaks plainly, simply, and directly regarding how the emotions and physical responses when running unchecked make you sick and dysfunctional. It is also very good about pointing out realistic answers.

“In his book, author Don Colbert, M.D. discusses the vital link between emotional well-being and physical well-being. Most Americans do not realize that scientific evidence has proven that stress can contribute to heart disease, migraines, asthma, pneumonia and many other physical problems. Stress can even be deadly- Deadly Emotions offers solutions to the problems facing us. Dr. Colbert battles anxiety, tension and stress with powerful concepts of forgiveness, joy and peace. Deadly Emotions has the ability to help people from the suffering induced by stress, good news for mind and body.”

Don Colbert- Stress Less

Interesting information on all the stress hormones such as cortisol; teaches how to break unhealthy habits.

What we think about creates most of the stress in our lives. Don teaches us how to combat this and some insights into where stress related illnesses come from, from all aspects – emotionally, spiritually, physically and mentally.

Let’s enjoy living longer!

Neuro-linguistic Programming for Dummies –RomillaReady and Kate Burton

The book is entertaining, practical, and included easy to understand principles. For someone who does not use NLP in their everyday life- this gives them the insights to practise with themselves or friends.

I use NLP with my clients with great results- this is the 1st book I recommend if people want awareness on the subject. Lots of practical examples of challenges which can be turned around easily and effectively.

Awaken the Giant within– Anthony Robbins
Very easy it is to apply the lessons that Tony Robbins suggests in this book.

I am very privileged to be one of Tony’s Trainers, travelling the Globe with him and supporting at his events. This was the 1st book I read 20 years ago to start me on my personal development journey. A big book to read- yet very powerful and thought provoking.

He demonstrates many Neuro associative Conditioning techniques – which are simple to use, and offers fast and permanent change.

Thank you Tony for your great work.

Instant Confidence – Paul McKenna

This book provides simple, yet very effective, exercises to boost your self-esteem, confidence, and motivation. Using hypnosis, NLP, and some very intriguing acupressure techniques (Thought Field Therapy), McKenna gives you the power to completely overhaul your limited self-beliefs.

The book has material to address the most important areas where we all need confidence: self-image, relationships, business, public speaking, dating and sex, and leaving bad situations.

Permission to Succeed– Noah St John

The author has taken a very fresh look at success and why we deprive ourselves of it. His viewpoints are enlightening and ground-breaking.

Read the entire volume and you will see how he comes full circle to help us understand what has caused us to make certain choices in the past. Defining our own success, becoming responsible for ourselves (rather than the entire world), these are things that help us clarify what we want.

The exercises in the book were more valuable than lots of seminars. The simple writing allows the profound ideas to leap from the page and into your soul. This is more than just a book, it really resonates inside.

This is a well written book that takes you by the hand and leads you to answer the question of ‘why you need permission to succeed’.

Change Anything– Kerry Patterson

If you apply the principles of this book to your life you will produce sustainable change in your behaviour that will noticeably improve your life.

“First, the authors free us from a powerful mind trap: the simplistic belief that if only we had more willpower we’d succeed in changing our lives. The reality the authors argue for (persuasively) is that while willpower is still important, changing behaviour turns out to be as much about “skill” as it is about “will.” And the truth is that certain skills for changing our behaviours can be taught. The authors also point out that that often (for example when you go to Las Vegas into a casino) you can’t see what’s controlling. However, “If you can see it, you can change it.” “Change Anything,” then, is a book about seeing the hidden influences in our lives and using them to change our behaviours from ones with negative to ones with positive consequences.”

This is an impressive book that has brought together in one place a simple, powerful, and reasonable means of changing our lives.
Overall, Change Anything is an insightful and practical guide to making personal changes stick.

Emotional Intelligence– Daniel Goleman

Goleman is an excellent writer and presents a great deal of thought-provoking content.

Goleman, psychologist and science writer for The New York Times, explains how the rational and emotional work together to shape intelligence, using intriguing new information from neuroscience and psychology of the brain. It details why IQ is not the sole predictor of success, and it reviews powerful academic studies that show how emotional intelligence impacts important life outcomes. Goleman shows how the brain can easily succumb to an emotional hijacking, where emotions overpower your reason.

Goleman’s book successfully educates us the reader on the importance of emotional intelligence and provides some insight into how our society has gone wrong in raising our children. It explains why youth are more depressed, violent and aggressive than ever.

I highly recommend this book to parents and educators and anyone else who thinks we as a society can do a better job raising our children.

Get the Life You Want– Richard Bandler

This book introduces new advances in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming). The new methods are so advanced, they are really easy to use and benefit from. You get, see and feel the results immediately.

Whether you are totally new to Richard’s teachings or whether you have learnt some NLP, or /and really experienced in NLP, you’ll learn a lot and really benefit.
This is not a book, but a workbook, techniques you can use straight away.
You read a bit and then do what Richard teaches you. Follow the instructions and you’ll get instant, immediate results.
If you want to have a life that works in a world that works, this is the book to buy now. No NLP experience required.

A New You– Nicola Cook

This is an excellent book. Well written, good content and fun! I have shared it with friends and colleagues and all of them found it useful.

I have enjoyed reading it more than once differently getting better results!

Good practical exercises to work with straight away!

Hopefully everyone will find a book to help them in the above list! Have you read a good book this year that’s helped you? Why not list it below, you never know who it might help!!


Goal Setting for Success in 2013

As 2012 is coming to an end, ask yourself a couple of questions:-

Are you living the life you dreamed you would?


Are you living the life you want?

Unless the answer to those questions is a great BIG YES, read on……………………………

What is the difference between those who are living the lives they dreamed of when they were younger, and those who aren’t? It may be just a few little differences that have added up to one MASSIVE difference.

If you answered NO to those two questions, you owe it to yourself to invest a few hours and a small amount of money, to make sure that 2013 is the year you get a firm grip and start to build the life you deserve.

I have a training course coming up on Friday 14th December 2012, Imperial Hotel, Llandudno.

Download a pdf with all the details: Goal Setting for Success the SMART Way. (There is some funding if your based in North Wales!)

I will teach you how to set and achieve powerful goals that will put you right on the path to success. I will share the key insights, principles and strategies that I have used to design my life and which have given me financial security, an international business which sees me travelling around the world and more fun, joy and happiness than most.

Its understanding the psychology behind what we want, being happy in doing what we do – and living a fulfilled life (both personally and professionally)

Its about helping us to feel we have achieved and move forward with whatever areas we want to.

My way of teaching you ‘Goal Setting ‘ will help you to experience this and to achieve more than you have ever done before – in a shorter, smarter, time frame.

Come and spend the day with me, then apply these insights and be ready to get more out of your life!

Make sure you get off to a flying start in 2013 by designing a compelling future, the future you deserve for yourself, your business and your family.

Keep an eye on the blog over the coming weeks as I will be sharing lots of Goal Setting tips to get you on track for 2013!

Live with Passion, see you at the top!

Juice Plus+® Healthy Steps, Get in shape!

What a fabulous couple of weeks I’ve had! I have just returned from the international conference for Juice Plus+® in Rome at the Sheraton Roma Hotel and Conference centre. I feel so blessed to be part of this wonderful company, as a trained nurse from my ‘previous’ life health and nutrition is very close to my heart, the innovative products Juice Plus develops help people stay healthy!

Its was a wonderful opportunity to catch up with international team, I am very proud to work with some wonderful people and I was honoured to speak at the conference. Dr Susie Mitchell speaking at the Juice Plus Conference in Rome

Juice Plus+® is so much more than a product containing vitamins and minerals, as it is based on whole foods, using nutrient-rich varieties of fruit, vegetables and berries. These are processed with the greatest of care into a highly concentrated fruit, vegetable and berry powders, and combined with carefully selected other ingredients to create the Juice PLUS+® Capsules, Chewables and Soft Chews.
Juice PLUS+® thus provides not only vitamins but also a range of phytochemicals, including antioxidants, which are, of course, found in fresh fruit and vegetables and berries.

The focus of the conference was to launch the Juice Plus+® Healthy Steps programme  everyone dreams of a life living as healthy as possible but few achieve this, in fact in Europe, approx 63% of adults are overweight or obese and 12+ million children in EU are either overweight or obese, these are just fighting stats!

Juice Plus Healthy steps is a complete weight management system for people who want a change in lifestyle not just a fad diet to lose weight, it’s a wonderful system which is going to change so many life’s!

For more information check out the Juice Plus Healthy Steps website, see if you can spot me in the video!

Don’t listen to the ‘credit crunch economy’!

Currently, some people are saying we are living in challenging times, due to the ‘credit crunch economy’. I beg to differ, and believe that EVERY challenge is an opportunity – you just need to see it, or create it.

On visiting my clients, we have devised many ‘mind mapping’ sessions, to plan different approaches to business growth strategies, and performance management of their teams.

It’s all about the individual’s AND the company’s mindset. We can all view things from a positive or a negative perspective – it’s a matter of choice.

As a nation, do we look through our eyes and empower all levels of society through a positive or negative viewpoint? Television and the media also have a choice – to ‘awaken our spirits’ or .. not???

We, as individuals, have to ‘charter our own course’, and live by our own standards of excellence, whatever that might be. Empowerment of the self, and learning to harness our personal power is key, to turn our dreams and goals into some blessing or achievement.

Imagine you are 90 years young, sitting in your rocking chair, sharing stories with the grand kids – Did you choose to live your ‘best life‘, whatever that is for you?

You have the opportunity now, to make some different choices.

Until our next time, commit to TRULY asking yourself this future question, and then live to ‘Be the best you can be’ NOW!