6 reasons to set Goals!

The clocks go forward this Easter weekend in the UK marking the start of British summer time! I always take the opportunity to review the first 3 months of the year and find out where I am in relation to the goals I set in January.

Did you set any goals in January? If the answer is Yes, fantastic! If the answer is No, take the opportunity now to set your goals for the rest of the year!

6 Reasons to set Goals!

Goals breathe life into your days.

Goals- aligned with your values, get you to your greatness.

Goal setting promotes personal growth.

Where your focus goes- your energy flows.

What gets measured gets improved.

By setting goals- you have a framework and a decision matrix to drive better results.

John Tenniel's original illustrations of the Cheshire Cat - photo credit http://www.alice-in-wonderland.net/pictures/cheshire-cat-pictures.html

John Tenniel’s original illustrations of the Cheshire Cat – http://www.alice-in-wonderland.net

Extract from “Alice through the Looking Glass

  A conversation with Alice and the Cheshire Cat.

Would you tell me please, which way I ought to go from here?”

“That depends a good deal on where you want to get to”- said the Cat

      “I don’t much care where” said Alice, “so long as I get somewhere”

          “Then it does not matter which way you go” – said the Cat

Q. What does this mean to us?

“The trouble with not having a goal is that you can spend your life running up and down the field and never score.” – Bill Copeland

If you don’t know where you are going how do you know when you have got there? That’s ultimately what goal setting is all about. Everything in this world is created twice: First – creation in your mind, followed by the manifestation in reality. Without the mental creation, there will be no physical creation. When you set a goal, you already accomplish the first creation. When you don’t have goals, you are floating around every day.

Get laser focused and achieve your goals! If you have set them at the beginning of the year take the time to review; are you still on track? If you did not set goals in January, what are you waiting for?  Get them set now!

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What phrases or quotes have you heard that has had an impact in your life?

Negotiation and influencing in Sales

Influencing and negotiating are things we all try to do all the time. For instance, we want to influence our children to behave according to codes and values we feel are appropriate or we want our partners to choose the holiday we want. In business and especially sales we need to master the act of negotiation and should always be looking to improve this skill.

Negotiation and Influencing

Modern influencing is an art form, it should be executed with grace and elegance!

When you influence someone – what you are actually doing is getting them to see it from your point of view. When someone agrees with you, they are much more likely to follow your request/instructions.

1st step – is to think ‘How will this benefit them?

2nd step- Find their ‘hot button’– finding out what their ‘motivation to buy’ is key to your sales success.

3rd step- Find their wants and needs. (Wants are what drives a person –  needs are their emotional reasons for buying.)

4th step- Find their pain. (What would be the consequence if they did not take you up on your offer?) When they associate more pain to not doing something, (i.e. they may lose out, fear of loss) – they are more likely to buy.

Master your beliefs. It’s virtually impossible to influence someone if you do not fully believe in your product /service 100%- it comes across!

Everyone has it within them to become a master of influence.

Always make it a win – win for each party involve.

Confidence is a must!

I think this great info-graphic from University of Kent sums up influencing.



Please help me in 2013 and answer the following question in the comments below, I will be collecting your answers!
What phrases or quotes have you heard that has had an impact in your life?


Inspirational questions that are a must in marketing!

Every conversation you have about your business you are marketing. Every conversation about your product and service is the opportunity to build relationships, promote and increase sales. For this reason it’s really important you focus and develop a marketing plan. Time is precious so you need to make the most of every opportunity. Here are inspirational questions that are a MUST in any marketing plan:

  1. What does the client want? (Not what you want to promote or sell!)- let them buy from you (rather than you sell to them!)

  2. Are you projecting a strong personality in your Marketing Material? (If not how can you strengthen your image?

  3. What can you surprise them in a positive way to keep the experience of working with you fresh and interesting?

  4. How must successful Entrepreneurs think differently than Business Owners?

  5. What personal contacts and centres of influence can you tap into to ‘spread the word’ about your product/service?

  6. What are the most effective methods of reaching your market?

Put some time aside to answer these questions, if there are some you are unable to answer that’s a good indication that you should do some market research before you waste any money on marketing materials!

There are many wonderful resources on the internet:

The Marketing Doughnut – Small business marketing advice, tools and resources. There is a great section on marketing, even a marketing template to download so no excuses!

Hubspot – Hubspot is an all in one marketing software. Probably not suitable for small businesses but they provide so many white- papers, downloads and blog post on all aspects of marketing it’s really worthwhile signing up-to the mailing list!

YouTube – visit YouTube there are some wonderful videos of leading business people and entrepreneurs on marketing  take notes you might pick up some golden nuggets! Here is one to get you going:

How to get more customers or clients for free!

How can you win more customers without spending more money? It doesn’t matter what business we are in we all want more clients! It doesn’t have to be a difficult or time-consuming task, in-fact a few daily disciplines practised without fail can have huge rewards. Here are a few tips to help you create a never-ending client list!

Existing Customers

They are your client base – How many times do you market to them?business growth

You have done all the hard work and have a base of existing customers but how often do you communicate with them? Often we are so busy chasing new business that we neglect the people who have already brought from us! Timing is everything when marketing to existing clients, focus on cross-selling or up-selling when the customer is ready to buy. This will depend on how well you know the customer in the first place! Listen to their needs and you can’t failure!

Do not assume that customers know all the products or services that you sell. Most people are focused on one thing when they make a purchase. Has a customer ever said to you ‘I didn’t know you did that’? You need to develop a customer care process that becomes routine. For further reading on customer service visit http://www.marketingdonut.co.uk/marketing/customer-care/customer-service


How much money is left on the table because we don’t ask for a referral? Referrals from existing clients, peers or friends are a powerful endorsement of you. It shows that you are known, liked and trusted, and are a lot closer to winning the new business than any dealing with a prospect who has found you through another channel such as marketing.

That’s why developing a referral process is so important, as the saying ‘goes if you don’t ask you don’t get’ so make it routine to ask if your client/customer knows anyone else that may benefit from your product/service?

When you do get a referral please remember to keep the referer in the loop and above all else thank them!! For further reading on referrals take a look at this book by John Jantsch

The Referral Engine: Teaching Your Business to Market Itself 

“The secret to generating referrals lies in understanding the “Customer Referral Cycle”-the way customers refer others to your company who, in turn, generate even more referrals. Businesses can ensure a healthy referral cycle by moving customers and prospects along the path of Know, Like, Trust, Try, Buy, Repeat, and Refer. If everyone in an organisation keeps this sequence in mind, Jantsch argues, your business will generate referrals like a well-oiled machine.

 This practical, smart, and original guide is essential reading for any company looking to grow without a fat marketing budget.”

Offer a Free something on your website.

Offering a free give-away on your website in exchange for a name and email address if a great way to build an audience. A strong email list will allow you an audience for your business who you can communicate with on a regular basis, who in turn will hopefully become loyal customers.

Great post on how to start your email list in 6 steps: http://www.incomediary.com/outstanding-email-list-building-success-in-6-easy-steps

Marketing is just Communication! Listening to what people want and then giving them the message that you have the solution!

Please help me in 2013 and answer the following question in the comments below, I will be collecting your answers!
What phrases or quotes have you heard that has had an impact in your life?