The power of incantations: what do you say to yourself on a daily basis?

“An incantation or enchantment is a charm or spell created using words. An incantation may take place during a ritual, either a hymn or prayer, and may invoke or praise a deity”. Wikipedia

The power of incantations and positive self talk

Another definition  of Incantation that I love is “Ritual recitation of verbal charms or spells to produce a magic effect.” I truly believe, in fact I know the power of incantation and the magic that can be achieved. After reading this article I challenge you to try it for a month, please come back and tell me the results!

What are incantations?
An incantation is a phrase or language pattern that is said out-loud, using energy and engaging your body. Incantations are one of the most powerful tools available for conditioning new beliefs, identity and language patterns.

Who is the number one person you communicate with on a daily basis? Its yourself of course! If your thoughts revolve around negative thinking patterns, insecurities and fears, it will be virtually impossible to feel good about yourself and achieve YOUR TRUE potential. Take the first step and really listen to yourself, what are you saying on a daily basis?

Incantations are a great way to condition your mind. Repetition causes the incantation to become a thought inside that becomes a habit. It needs to be said over and over again, as many days as possible to become engraved in your neurology. It is proven that if something is consistently done for 21 days, it becomes a habit!

Some examples of positive incantations:

Money flows easily and effortlessly into my life.

I belief in myself.

I am a good, kind and caring person.

I can find a way to live my dreams.

I make wise and fantastic choices daily that are aligned with my purpose.

Share your favorite incantations!