Why would you be a small business owner?


Behind every small business, there’s a story worth knowing. All the corner shops in our towns and cities, the restaurants, cleaners, gyms, hair salons, hardware stores – these didn’t come out of nowhere.

Paul Ryan

I’m a big fan of small business ownership. I think it’s the backbone of American innovation. But to be successful, you first have to have the courage to go for it.

Bill Rancic

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Business women, why would you run your own business

600,000 new businesses are founded every year, even in this economic climate people still have the courage to go for it! That needs celebrating! What makes people leave the security of a monthly paycheck and go it alone? For some it’s not even a choice they were always going to work for themselves but for others it’s a huge leap of faith.

“I think the hallmark of a really good entrepreneur is that you’re not really going to build one specific company. The goal – at least the way I think about entrepreneurship – is you realize one day that you can’t really work for anyone else. You have to start your own thing. It almost doesn’t matter what that thing is.” – Max Levchin, Cofounder PayPal

The statistics for businesses to succeed aren’t great, it’s something like 8 out of 10 small businesses don’t make it past the first year. Small business owners believe they can beat the odds, otherwise they wouldn’t start! I think that shows huge strength of character and optimism so here are 5 reasons why you should be a small business owner!


1. You Can Find Your Own Work/Life Balance 

This can be the biggest reason to start your own business, if you want more flexibility in the hours you work running your own business can be the way to go.

2. You Can Challenge Yourself

Some people thrive on the routine of their job – performing the same tasks day after day. As an entrepreneur, you can bet that each day will be filled with new opportunities to challenge yourself, be creative and learn something new.

3. You Control Your Own Destiny

You may struggle to take orders from someone else, being in control of your own business gives the chance to make your own decisions, how to operate on a day-to-day basis and build a brand with your own ideals.

4. Follow your passion

When you run your own business its said that you can choose the 18 hours that you want to work!! But because its your passion it doesn’t feel like ‘work’. The journey of building a business can be as enjoyable as the destination.

5. Get to know your customers.

Small business owners have the opportunity to get to know their clients/customers. Around 80% of your business will come from existing clients, either repeat business or referral. Personalized attention is very much appreciated and remembered in the modern high-tech.

Why did you become a business owner?

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