22 Principles of Standards part 2

Part 1 of 22 Principles of Standards

11. Human Potential implies fulfilment, hints at greatness and seeks possibilities

You were born to greatness. Having a life mission implies that world has need of you. In fact, the world has been preparing you to fill this need with one incredible life experience after another. Finding and fulfilling your potential will lead you to your highest experience in this life. Believe it, you have a mission. It is the gateway to your personal greatness. Greg Anderson 

12. Personal Development is based on activity not improving

13. Significant personal growth will not  occur in your life unless you are continually challenged

To many people ‘play it safe’, content in the world they have constructed for themselves, where they feel a sense of emotional security with their work and their decision-making. True entrepreneurs continually test these imaginary barriers, push limits and ‘get out of their comfort zone’. It might be a well-known cliché but you will not grow or progress if you don’t challenge yourself and have new experiences.  A fear of the unknown will keep you stuck forever. So the trick here is to let go of your expectations and accept the results of your actions.

14. A real decision is measured by the actions, no decisions, no action

15. Whoever looks outside, dreams /Whoever looks inwardsawakens

“Your vision will become real only when you look into your heart. He who looks outward dreams. He who looks inward awakens.” Carl Jung

What aspects of your professional life do you ascribe to fate or destiny?

In what ways could you take accountability for them?


16.Circumstances don’t define you , taking responsibility does

17. What we focus on– expands

18. Learning to ‘pause’ with intention– allows growth to catch up with us

“Today, there is so much NOISE around us that silent reflection can be a challenge…but it is possible.  You can fill your day with many refreshing and calming moments of quiet reflection by getting into the good habit of pausing several times in the day to step aside of what you are doing and give yourself the gift of brief but meaningful silence.” Read more

19. Breakthroughs lead to growth

20.We become the people we hang around with

This is hard for people to accept sometimes but look at the 5 closest people around you, do they challenge you to become a better person? Do they support your dreams? Are they the kind of people you want to be like? It’s possible to take control over who it is that influences us. And it’s something I recommend everybody do, especially if you want to be successful.

21. Confident humility – Believing in ourselves to become comfortable with our personal power

“Humility is not self-deprecating, but real and honest. When someone is who he or she really is and does not act as if he or she is more than he is, that is not arrogance, but secure identity.”

Having confidence, believing in yourself is not arrogant, This ‘confident humility’ is when you function out of the best of who you are, while being fully aware (and open with) who you are not. – See more


22.Understanding Intellectual Perseverance is an ultimate standard of excellence

Having a consciousness of the need to use intellectual insights and truths in spite of difficulties, obstacles, and frustrations; firm adherence to rational principles despite the irrational opposition of others; a sense of the need to struggle with confusion and unsettled questions over an extended period of time to achieve deeper understanding or insight.

Read More


I trust you have enjoyed the 2 part series on the principles of setting standards! What has been your biggest insight and how are you going to apply it to your life?

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