What phrases or quotes have you heard that has had an impact in your life?

I asked this question recently on my Facebook page and the response was fantastic. It seems we can all be inspired by quotes and sayings that resonate with us, we tend to hold on to these quotes and use them as mantra’s for our own life.

Quotes are a way of life – they permeate the world with compartmentalized mantras that are the values, wisdom, and ideals of many.

Quotes make it easier for us to convey our values to others, we all want to communicate with others and be understood, quotes are a great way to put our thoughts into bite-size pieces. Quotes can come from great leaders, books, films or songs, they can make us re-access our lifestyles, provide us with inspiration or make us reflect.  I recommend you record the great quotes that you hear, make sure you write down your favourite quotes and look at them everyday, you will be amazed at motivation they can provide!

Leave your favourite phrases of quotes in the comments below. Read through the Facebook comments, you might find one that resonates with you!




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