What kind of diet are you looking for?

Everyone is different. Finding a diet that you can commit to is finding a diet that is compatible with your lifestyle and a healthy diet is maintaining a healthy weight that you are happy with. For many of us, the word diet is associated with losing weight and is repeated a number of times during our lifetime.

What if I told you that you could find a life-long diet that works suits you forever?

Looking to maintain your dream target weight needs consideration. It shouldn’t be something you just stick to for just a fortnight and then find yourself in bigger pants as you give up! Do some serious groundwork first by asking yourself the folllowing 3 questions to find out what the reasons are behind you wanting to diet. If you’re serious about maintaining a healthy weight then you’ll need patience, a committed & determined attitude and a plan. Preparation is the key! And don’t forget to build some fun into your diet too!

So before you begin a diet ask yourself why you are doing it and what you want to achieve.


Take care of body JIM ROHNWhen do you eat? If you like to make things that are quick & easy you’ll most likely need to prepare meals in advance or make a shopping list with healthy foods that take very little time to prepare and cook – raw vegetables & other healthy nibbles. If you’re someone who loves to indulge every now & again then it’s a case of working out the right amount of daily calories that you are consuming.

Why do you diet? Some start a diet because of diabetes, heart disease or other serious health issues. Consider your lifestyle and not just the food that you eat. Next month (5th-16th May)  Sweetlife Diabetes Health Centers is having an online conference that allows you to watch over 40 speakers talking about ways to prevent, manage & reverse diabetes.

What do you think about diets? Some people prefer to follow a diet that their friends are doing so they are motivated and encouraged to lose weight. Some hate the idea of a diet and need lots of inspiration or rewards to keep going. Some are very meticulous in their diet plan but still need that little bit of motivation to spur them on.

We all have different preferences, personalities and daily routines that can make it difficult to decide on what way is best to lose weight. Having a healthy lifestyle shouldn’t be about obsessing over what we are eating and restricting ourselves but you will probably need some encouragement and motivation along the way – work out how where you are going to get this from.

No matter what you decide to do, losing weight should be something you do to improve the quality of your life, whether it’s for the prevention of medical problems or to increase your general well-being. Changing your eating habits and increasing your physical activity is the first step. The next step is sticking to it…. for tips inspirational tips you can follow me on Twitter or Facebook or have a look through my previous blogs on SyncHealth.