Stop making excuses

“I’m not sure…”

“I’ve never learnt how to…”

“It doesn’t work when I …”

“I’m not very good at…”

“I don’t have the time to…”

“I can’t afford to…”

And of course the all time favourite one “I cant’…”

What will it take to stop using excuses to control your life and hold you back from new opportunities and possibilities? All areas of our life involve change – things move on and develop. It is fair to say that nothing stays the same. Sometimes we have control over those changes and sometimes we don’t. However one thing is for certain and that is our attitude and action to change.

Making excuses is a negative attitude that leads to negative action or NO action whatsoever. Excuses can be stopped. We can stop excuses right in their tracks with an immediate shift in mindset! However sometimes those excuses creep in and take over without us noticing, so how can we get rid of those doubts and excuses so that we can live a fulfilling life? Be it in our personal or professional life, if we know what our goals are, then it’s much easier to banish those excuses !

stop making excuses

  1. Know what you want from life. Live your dream – no dream is too small or insignificant. If it matters to you, then IT matters!!
  2. Decide what action you need to take to live your dream – set yourself goals & write them down. The physical act of writing down a goal makes it real and tangible. Put it somewhere visible that you see every day – no excuses! If you want to live your dream then others need to know what that is. If you don’t like your handwriting then get it made into a bright & bold sign by a company. No excuses, remember!
  3. Make those goals powerful – turn any phrase that could be viewed as negative into a positive. If you’re not sure what I mean, ask someone else to look over them for you. Give your goals passion and excitement – how could you possibly make up an excuse to not carry out those thrilling, exciting and fun goals?!
  4. Make an action plan – write out the different steps you need to take – don’t worry about how will afford it or how you will find the time (these are the most wonderful excuses!) and instead focus on how the steps need to happen in order to achieve your dream. Be positive and trust yourself that they will happen.
  5. Be committed to do what it takes, and you will have what you want. Take action by sticking at your goals. Build in time to review your goals – your end result or goal may be the same over a longer period of time but your action plan may need to change along the way. Make sure your dream is something you really desire – if you don’t need it then those excuses will find a way to talk you out of it. Keep it relevant & place high value on your dream.

Only you can banish those excuses; only you can decide what you want from your life.


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