Do you want to be wealthy?

Most people I ask this question to respond with a “yes”. Wealthy– having lots of money, big houses, fast cars, luxury yacht in the Med and a holiday villa on the Italian coast. Is this what wealth means to you?

Let’s have a look around at what wealth we have in our lives right now. What things do you have for free right now in your life that you don’t pay for? Name at least five. If you can’t, you’re not thinking hard enough – books that people write, free wifi cafes, the parks where you are free to cycle or walk, the sea where you can swim, life experience…

Being wealthy is a state of mind. We have an abundance of wealth in the amount of “free” things we have. However, wealth is often seen in monetary terms so let’s discuss money! How do you view your finances and money? How or when do you know whenever you are rich? How do you get to the place of financial freedom? Most people see financial freedom as unattainable, that it’s so far in the future that it is impossible and then they stop. They give up. Financial freedom is never really something that they wanted then, is it?

Our mindset and how we view money and wealth often holds us back from achieving financial freedom – a time when you don’t have to work again and yet be able to afford things in your life. A time when you don’t have to work again…. let’s stop and think about that.

Do you really WANT financial freedom? Is it something that you are passionate about? If so, find that passion and start “working” towards it today. There is a saying that money doesn’t grow on trees but I am going to tell you this is wrong. Money can grow! It requires a shift in your mindset!

Courtesy of Telegraph

Image source: The Telegraph

In order to make it happen we have to have a financial map- a path that we follow or a journey that we go on. Before you start any journey you have to find your passion. This passion is your driving force and from which all good things will happen. It’s a bit like putting on your oxygen tank before you dive into the sea or filling the car up to take you somewhere. If you’re passionate about what you’re doing there is every chance that it will be more successful and more rewarding. Before setting off on your journey to financial freedom think about the rewards of being in control of your own business and the opportunities you have not only to grow your own business but to grow your own finances.

So what if? What if, I offered you a massive opportunity to grow?

What dreams do you have for the future when you are financially free to take time out to do the things you want to do? What rewards can you start bringing into your life today? Get in touch if you want to grow your own business, grow your own money and indeed grow as a person.

Do you want to be wealthy?

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