Managing, Ownership and Leadership of change in the workplace

Ownership and Leadership of Change

Leadership and ownership is not so much about technique and methods, as it is about opening the heart. It’s about inspiration– of oneself and others.

It’s about human experiences, not processes. It’s not a formula or a program, it’s about human activity that comes from the heart and considers the hearts of others…

It’s an attitude, not a system.change leadership


The Reality

More and more is being demanded and change needs embracing by the workforce. To remain relevant as a business you must regularly redefine your way of operating, your product/service offerings. Does the workforce have the confidence, experience, and commitment to change?

Ownership AND Responsibility is needed, but what makes people choose to take this? Leaders need to engage the workforce so they decide to make the choices we need them to!

  • These days there is more awareness of personal needs, searching for meaning and a sense of purpose.
  • Often the amount of genuine heartfelt connection is missing, with reductions of ‘emotional investment’- The Job is the job attitude.

What’s needed now?

  1. Character
  2. Vision
  3. Drive
  4. Presence and Confidence


Common Issues preventing change

  • Leaders lack an understanding of their impact on those they lead
  • Lack of clarity in terms of how to behave in different situations
  • Take a ‘silo’ approach and not think team
  • Avoid or don’t care enough to have the tough conversations
  • High levels of workplace stress leading to a lack of trust and emotional connection
  • Lack of ownership
  • Revert back to Managing rather than Leading

Ingredients to Success

  • Giving consideration before any actions
  • Knowing what is important and what motivates people
  • Knowing or sensing what reactions will be
  • Tailoring the approach
  • Consistency




  1. Always look at Change with a Positive approach.
  2. As soon as you embrace change, you take back responsibility and your energy returns (you are in control!)
  3. Take your time to plan and think about what’s the best outcome/solution.
  4. Success in leading others thru change is dependent on your own behaviour. Be the Role model with the best attitude.
  5. Your attitude reflects your altitude!
  6. You will build a strong, connected and committed team, if you learn the ‘flexibility to adapt’- they will be empowered not scared!
  7. See it as an opportunity to learn new things/meet new people.
  8. Create change in ‘bite sized chunks’ (easier for people to adopt)
  9. Help people to re-draw they ‘mental maps’ – by building a future of better expectations.
  10. Have good clear open honest communication between everyone and feedback.
  11. What you focus on you get!
  12. Celebrate all successes (small wins too!) along the ‘change’ journey!