National Achievers Congress 2012 – Donald Trump & Tony Robbins

Just letting you know about this GREAT opportunity- I am going to be there and I HIGHLY recommend you go too- SUCH a mega deal to hear from a couple of the TOP Inspirational people around today.


My good friend Marcus de Maria (Millionaire, Trader, Property Investor and Businessman) has gone NUTS!


He will be talking at the National Achievers Congress (5th to 7th October London ExCel) with the one person that kicked off his career – Tony Robbins.

Also talking at the event is another of Marcus’s mentors, entrepreneurial giant – Donald Trump. It’s the first time EVER – and likely the last time – that he is speaking in UK. To celebrate, Marcus has put together a bonus package and prize draw that is NUTS (worth over £22,000)!

Follow this link and find out more about this offer


If you want to really make some changes/keep on track/hear some great messages- Be there!

Here’s to a fantastic life’s journey..



Find out more about the National Achievers Congress here