Work-Life Balance: what is it and can it be achieved?

work life balance


The ‘Work-life balance’ is a term that is often thrown around, we are meant to achieve the perfect balance between work and life. But what does that balance look like and how do we know when it’s achieved? The term ‘Work-life balance’ implies that they are at two opposite  ends of the spectrum, you spend a set amount of time at work then the same amount of time with everything that makes up the rest of your life i.e. family, hobbies, holidays etc. In reality this is rarely achievable, for many entrepreneurs and small business owners work isn’t just ‘work’ its a passion, a dream realised, their purpose! Your work and your life aren’t enemies, they should be in sync! What that looks like is as individual as you are!

Creating ‘Work Life effectiveness’

Creating work life effectiveness can mean different things to different people, finding your formulae is the key to your success. You are unique in how you choose to navigate your life. Your formula is like a recipe: have the vision – the purpose.

Our choices in life? What is your calling? What I know for sure – If you ask the question the answer will come. You have to be willing to listen for the answer. You have to get still enough to hear the choices, to pay attention. Through the truth of who you are and what you can be…. Listen to your choice. Oprah

You have to know what you really want to do in life, then focus everything else to line up with that goal, sometimes that means putting you first (read Looking after No. 1). Find your passion, it is so important to love what you do and live magic moments. For most people work and life are inseparable, friendships and personal connections have always been part of work and technology makes us contactable 24 hours a day!

Get real with yourself about your life and everyone in it. Be truthful about what isn’t working in your life and start getting results. You can choose and create your own life. It takes courage and commitment to be genuinely honest with yourself.

When you begin to use your energy, have faith in your passion, and totally trust in your purpose, you will live a spectacular life. Forget balance and make the choices that are right for YOU!


What journey do you wish for your life?

Do you reach beyond to touch the sky, or lag behind, afraid to try?

Do you reach beyond to learn anew, or hesitate–the same old you?

Do you reach beyond to test your limit,or do you tell yourself, I am timid?

Do you reach beyond to lead the pack,or do you waste time looking back?

Do you reach beyond and strive to find, better ways to stretch your mind?

Do you reach beyond to care and share, and help some others do and dare?

Do you reach beyond, expect the best, or have you given up the quest?

Do you reach beyond and claim your space, here and now, this time, this place?

Do you reach beyond and try to soar, or, sadly, play it safe once more?

…..By Suzy Sutton

Lifes Journey is not to arrive at the Grave safely in a well preserved body but rather - Courage Quote

Courage Quotes | Forward this Picture

Your life is a journey. No matter who we are or where we live, we all have our own journey. Your journey is a life of learning. Life it full and pay attention to life itself. Every choice gives us a chance to pave our own road. The gift is deciding who could I become – whether you flounder or flourish, the decision is always in your hands. You are the biggest single influence in your life, and your journey begins with a choice – to step up and fully embrace this dance of life!


Q. What is making my life a masterpiece?

Q. What’s going to get me there?

Q. What’s the easier/best way I can get this done?

Q. How am I going to Thrive?

Q. What do I need to pay attention to?

Q. Are we our ‘drama’… our Story?

Q. What’s important information do I need to know?

Q. How can I be certain when I do not know what to do?

Q. What decision could you make right now to move you closer to your goal?

Q. What are you grateful in your life right now?

Q. What am I committed to in my life right now?

Q. What do you need to focus on right now?

Q. Which emotions do you need to strengthen?

Q. How could you enjoy this even more?

Q. How could you create even more certainty right now?

6 reasons to set Goals!

The clocks go forward this Easter weekend in the UK marking the start of British summer time! I always take the opportunity to review the first 3 months of the year and find out where I am in relation to the goals I set in January.

Did you set any goals in January? If the answer is Yes, fantastic! If the answer is No, take the opportunity now to set your goals for the rest of the year!

6 Reasons to set Goals!

Goals breathe life into your days.

Goals- aligned with your values, get you to your greatness.

Goal setting promotes personal growth.

Where your focus goes- your energy flows.

What gets measured gets improved.

By setting goals- you have a framework and a decision matrix to drive better results.

John Tenniel's original illustrations of the Cheshire Cat - photo credit

John Tenniel’s original illustrations of the Cheshire Cat –

Extract from “Alice through the Looking Glass

  A conversation with Alice and the Cheshire Cat.

Would you tell me please, which way I ought to go from here?”

“That depends a good deal on where you want to get to”- said the Cat

      “I don’t much care where” said Alice, “so long as I get somewhere”

          “Then it does not matter which way you go” – said the Cat

Q. What does this mean to us?

“The trouble with not having a goal is that you can spend your life running up and down the field and never score.” – Bill Copeland

If you don’t know where you are going how do you know when you have got there? That’s ultimately what goal setting is all about. Everything in this world is created twice: First – creation in your mind, followed by the manifestation in reality. Without the mental creation, there will be no physical creation. When you set a goal, you already accomplish the first creation. When you don’t have goals, you are floating around every day.

Get laser focused and achieve your goals! If you have set them at the beginning of the year take the time to review; are you still on track? If you did not set goals in January, what are you waiting for?  Get them set now!

Please help me in 2013 and answer the following question in the comments below, I will be collecting your answers!
What phrases or quotes have you heard that has had an impact in your life?

What are you dedicating your life to?

We want to make a better world for ourselves, our friends, our families. Therefore we have to take responsibility for how we are going to live our life.

You have to know what you are dedicating your life to ??? it makes the rest easier!

We live in a time of discovery, a time when mankind is striving to reach the next horizon, invent a new gadget, defeat a disease and reach the next planet. We know that the human mind has far more capacity and ability than we ever imagined.

The concept of defining your legacy is something that you have a choice over. Each of us possess the will to create our own legacy, now you need to step up and create the power to live the life you choose. Find a purpose and a mission, decide how and what you are going to leave as your legacy. Get focused and make it a must!

Loving people is part of the plan of life! When you make loving others the story of your life, there never is a final chapter as the legacy goes on and on and on.

Be who you are, touch people’s lives and leave the imprint of ‘you’ on time. When you look back, sat in your rocking chair, 90 years young – you want to know that you have left all that you could.

Relish each day as if there would never be another, and when you get the chance to ‘sit out and dance’ with life…I hope you dance!

Let me know how you plan on leaving a legacy and what you are doing to make that happen ??

Choices in life are a balancing act…Life is an adventure!!

Choices in life are a balancing act. We have to see life as an adventure. Each adventure is a chance to learn something, have fun, explore and make a difference.

Things do not always go as planned in life, but go easy on yourself, learn the lessons that need to be learnt and then choose to move on, choose to aim higher, to do better.

Change your thinking and step outside of yourself. Every day we are faced with an immense number of choices and every action we make has an effect on a vast number of people. Make that effect a positive one! Change what you can and let go of the rest, time is short, don’t waste a second of it.

Aim to be the very best you can be. If you’re a parent, choose to be the best parent you can be. If you go to work, choose to be the best at what you do. Set your own standard and choose to let your guiding light come from within. You control the choices you make; you choose which destiny you want.

Get real with yourself, Get results, and be truthful about what’s working. You need to take ownership of situations that arise. If you can’t take ownership of a thought, a circumstance, a problem, behaviour or emotion then you cannot or will not change it. Denial kills hope. Choose how to make the right choices, to change what is holding you back! Be courageous and committed to genuinely be honest with yourself.

How can you improve each and every day? Ask yourself, and then raise the bar, every day! Stay focused yet flexible. Know exactly what you want and make the choices that lead directly there.

Please do let me know how the choices you have made have led to a more fulfilled life.