Inspirational questions that are a must in marketing!

Every conversation you have about your business you are marketing. Every conversation about your product and service is the opportunity to build relationships, promote and increase sales. For this reason it’s really important you focus and develop a marketing plan. Time is precious so you need to make the most of every opportunity. Here are inspirational questions that are a MUST in any marketing plan:

  1. What does the client want? (Not what you want to promote or sell!)- let them buy from you (rather than you sell to them!)

  2. Are you projecting a strong personality in your Marketing Material? (If not how can you strengthen your image?

  3. What can you surprise them in a positive way to keep the experience of working with you fresh and interesting?

  4. How must successful Entrepreneurs think differently than Business Owners?

  5. What personal contacts and centres of influence can you tap into to ‘spread the word’ about your product/service?

  6. What are the most effective methods of reaching your market?

Put some time aside to answer these questions, if there are some you are unable to answer that’s a good indication that you should do some market research before you waste any money on marketing materials!

There are many wonderful resources on the internet:

The Marketing Doughnut – Small business marketing advice, tools and resources. There is a great section on marketing, even a marketing template to download so no excuses!

Hubspot – Hubspot is an all in one marketing software. Probably not suitable for small businesses but they provide so many white- papers, downloads and blog post on all aspects of marketing it’s really worthwhile signing up-to the mailing list!

YouTube – visit YouTube there are some wonderful videos of leading business people and entrepreneurs on marketing  take notes you might pick up some golden nuggets! Here is one to get you going: