6 things to stay on top of your game daily!

Great lives don’t occur out of the blue, they are crafted and built day by day. The results of daily practise amount to staggering results over time. Follow these success habits daily:

1. Ask yourself empowering questions daily

  • What am I happy about in my life right now?
  • What am I excited about in my life right now?
  • What am I grateful for in my life right now?
  • What am I enjoying most in my life right now?
  • What am I committed to in my life right now?
  • Who do I love? Who loves me?

2. Be IN the game (not sitting outside) action gets results

To achieve big results we have to take BIG ACTION ! It won’t happen on its own!

3. Always have the best positive thoughts

Don’t let others steal you of your dreams. Be very aware of negative people entering your head! We use a great saying in our team ‘Don’t do negs’ !

4. Passion and motivation – what does this mean to each of us?

This will have different meanings for each of us, but have you ever asked yourself the question ‘what does success look like?’ Find your passion in life, what is your purpose? Find a purpose bigger than yourself and motivation will never be an issue.

5. Model the way – lead by example

Ask yourself would you follow you? Are you the best version of you, you can be? The sky is not the limit, your mind is!

6. Lastly don’t forget to have fun! Celebrate success!

Live is for living, it’s so important that we have fun, and give yourself permission to celebrate your success. Those little wins that mount up over time are worth a pat on the back!


Successful people don’t make excuses they get results! Remember the best things in life requires a sacrifice. activity and commitment.

Share your daily success habits below.






Who is the Captain of your ship?

Everything in your life, from your diet to your career must be aligned with who you are. If you know your true passion, your deepest desires, then the secret to success is to discipline your life so you support your deepest purpose and minimise distractions and detours.

If you do not know your deepest desires, the your can not align your life to it. Everything in your life will be disassociated from your core. Disconnected from your core will make you feel weak and your will feel incomplete.

When you know your true passion and purpose – every moment will be lived to express your core desires and you will be living your truth.

When would be a good time to start finding and living your true passion/purpose?

Read these 8 tips about finding your passion in life from TinyBudda.com

make the jump leap of faith


If your current situation isn’t working make a change. Most people get held back by not knowing what they want to go on to but you will never learn and grow if you stay merely thinking about it. Experience life, follow your curiosity…

Win or Loose – You choose! Boxing a great metaphor for life!

Billy Schwer spent 20 years at the top of his field in arguably the most gruelling and demanding sport there is – Boxing.  During his professional career he won British, Commonwealth, European and IBO World Boxing Titles. I had the pleasure in listening to a motivational presentation last night by Billy, he said the game of boxing is 80% mental and 20% physical, doesn’t that apply to life?

Life is about choices, you can choose how you react to events, it’s a conscious choice! Here are some areas that you can focus on for the choices in your life:

  • You can choose where to be.
  • You can choose how to act.
  • You can choose who to trust.
  • You can choose who to avoid.
  •  You can choose what to say and what to do.
  • You can choose what to believe and choose what to say about yourself.
  • You can choose what to say about others.
  • You can choose what behaviour to have day-to-day


I have included below an extract from Billy’s blog on how to survive and thrive :  http://www.billyschwer.com/blog.php?blog_id=25

For those who are new to this – this is the first of my Seven Principles, of how to Survive and Thrive, especially in today’s tough times, What does that mean to you?  How can you choose to win when things don’t go your way?

When I was five years old my two older sisters Mandy and Lisa (11 and 8) used to torment me, slap me around and overpower me. They would sit on me and pin me down to the floor.

I used to get so upset, I would kick and scream trying to break free that I would hyperventilate and turn blue, I thought I was going to die.  It was in that moment, I decided nobody was going to beat me, dominate me, hurt me or get on top of me – ever again; especially women.  It was in that same moment I made an unconscious decision about myself; I’m weak, I can’t fight my sisters off so I must be weak – right?

So I then decided to become really tough to cover up and survive being weak, that is why I became a boxer, a fighter – someone everyone would see as strong and powerful.

Many people don’t think about the choices they make every day of their lives.  They suffer a setback and they let it affect the rest of their day – sometimes the rest of their life.  They don’t know that they have made an unconscious choice.

You always have a choice about the actions you take or indeed don’t take, the thoughts that affect you.  So your partner had the hump this morning – do you spend the day resenting the way they treated you or decide that they deserve a treat to cheer them up?  It’s a choice.

Every one of us makes choices throughout the day – you are the designer of your day; you create the day by consciously taking responsibility for your thoughts and actions – and results.  Life by design, live a life that you have created.

If you let yourself create negative images of yourself, you’ll end up being who you think you are.  Can you interrupt those thought patterns?  Every entrepreneur has a belief in themselves and their abilities – and every person has the ability to believe in themselves – just choose.

Catch yourself at each moment when negative thoughts creep in and decide to succeed – no matter what.

Billy Schwer

Performance expert

Specialist in Mental – Physical – Nutritional Fitness 



Are you ready to make life your sparring partner?

What phrases or quotes have you heard that has had an impact in your life?

I asked this question recently on my Facebook page and the response was fantastic. It seems we can all be inspired by quotes and sayings that resonate with us, we tend to hold on to these quotes and use them as mantra’s for our own life.

Quotes are a way of life – they permeate the world with compartmentalized mantras that are the values, wisdom, and ideals of many.

Quotes make it easier for us to convey our values to others, we all want to communicate with others and be understood, quotes are a great way to put our thoughts into bite-size pieces. Quotes can come from great leaders, books, films or songs, they can make us re-access our lifestyles, provide us with inspiration or make us reflect.  I recommend you record the great quotes that you hear, make sure you write down your favourite quotes and look at them everyday, you will be amazed at motivation they can provide!

Leave your favourite phrases of quotes in the comments below. Read through the Facebook comments, you might find one that resonates with you!




It’s a question of choice!

Q.  What kind of life do you want and how close are you to living it?

Choices in life are a balancing act. We can all choose to do certain things every day of our lives. You can get a warm glow from changing your attitude to life.
Be kind to yourself when you muck things up (we are only human after all !)
Focus on what’s important to your life and make positive changes to make you happy.
We have to see life as an adventure. Each adventure is a chance to have fun, learn something, explore the world and broaden our horizons.

Q Are you ready to make life your sparring partner ?

Change your thinking and step outside of yourself. Every day we are faced with an immense number of choices and every action we make has an effect on our family, friends, society and the world in general and that effect, can be positive or detrimental.

We get torn between what’s good for us and what’s good for others. No one said it would be easy . Life is a challenge – Thank God ! It allows us to stretch and grow, it moulds us into a better person. If it was easy we would get bored. Only dead fish swim with the stream – ‘live’  fish swim against the currents ! Each flick of the fin makes us stronger.

Q.  Which fish do you want to become?

 Change what you can change and let go of the rest. Time is short and do not waste any of it . Aim to be the very best of everything you can be. If you are a parent, be the best parent. If you go to work, be the best at what you do.

Set your own standard and leave a little space for yourself each day. Know where true happiness comes from. Look after yourself. You are the Boss and Captain of your own ship.

Here are some areas that you can focus in for the choices in your life:

  • You can choose where to be.
  • You can choose how to act.
  • You can choose who you trust.
  • You can choose who you avoid.
  • You can choose what to say and what to do.
  • You can choose what to believe and you can choose what to say about yourself.
  • You can choose what to say about others.
  • You can choose what behaviour to have day-to-day.

Q.  What can I do today to make my life better ?

Ask it each and every day. Raise the bar. Your thinking needs to stay focused but flexible. Demand those special things, amazing feelings and outstanding magic experiences.

Be very clear about what you want , and very clear about what you don’t want.

This is an important distinction : If you can recognise it not the thing or event that you really want, but the FEELINGS that you associate with it, then your goal shifts  from the thing or the event, to the EMOTIONS that are connected with them.

Don’t ask yourself what the world needs – ask yourself what makes you come alive, and go do that, because the world needs people who have come alive !