Think BIG – Are your goals big enough?

Regular readers of this blog will know I am a big believer it setting goals, the year is flying by so instead of reminding you to review your goals that I know you all set in January; I want to challenge you instead:



It doesn’t matter what the goal is, make it bigger! Often we are held back by imaginary limitations, dream big and you will be surprised what you can achieve. I recently read this story on JEFF ROBERTI blog which beautifully illustrates the point!

How I Learned to Set Really Big Goals from My 7-Year-Old

“My daughter was seven at the time. She loved to play catch, and I did also. The object we threw did not matter: a tennis ball, football, or any ball for that matter. It was the challenge of consecutive catches that mattered very much to her.

There was always the same goal, and only one goal, when we played catch: to break the existing records for consecutive catches.

I remember one day when my focused little daughter said, “Dad, let’s try for 100 in a row.” Since our best at that point was 50, I politely chuckled and said, “Sure, honey.” And guess what, after a few attempts, we did it.

So, the next day she said, “Dad let’s go for 300 in a row.” Well, my daughter was learning about thinking big, but I still had a lot to learn. I thought to myself, “Gee, we just hit 100. Why not try 125 or maybe 150 in a row? But 300?” Of course, out loud I responded with another uneasy chuckle and a “Sure, honey.”

You guessed it. It was only a few days later that we hit 300 catches in a row. I was really impressed and quite content. My daughter was neither impressed nor content, and she was also a lot smarter than me. She said, “Dad, let’s go for 500 now!”

And I thought to myself, “You have GOT to be kidding!” Sure enough, that very same day, we caught 500 throws in a row. You’d think I would be a believer by now, but when her sparkling eyes looked at me and said, “Dad, let’s go for 1,000 in a row!”

I am embarrassed to admit that my internal response was the same.

Less than 24 hours later we hit our record — 1,017 catches in a row!

Our record was over 10 times bigger that I had originally thought we could achieve. Thanks to my 7-year-old daughter, I have finally learned to set BIG goals.

You are only as big and successful as your goals.

So, ask yourself:

1. What is an important goal my team is working toward right now?

2. What is stopping me from increasing it?

Think BIG.

Lee Colan,”


I had to share the story with you, go over the goals you set earlier in the year and make them bigger!!


Stop making excuses

“I’m not sure…”

“I’ve never learnt how to…”

“It doesn’t work when I …”

“I’m not very good at…”

“I don’t have the time to…”

“I can’t afford to…”

And of course the all time favourite one “I cant’…”

What will it take to stop using excuses to control your life and hold you back from new opportunities and possibilities? All areas of our life involve change – things move on and develop. It is fair to say that nothing stays the same. Sometimes we have control over those changes and sometimes we don’t. However one thing is for certain and that is our attitude and action to change.

Making excuses is a negative attitude that leads to negative action or NO action whatsoever. Excuses can be stopped. We can stop excuses right in their tracks with an immediate shift in mindset! However sometimes those excuses creep in and take over without us noticing, so how can we get rid of those doubts and excuses so that we can live a fulfilling life? Be it in our personal or professional life, if we know what our goals are, then it’s much easier to banish those excuses !

stop making excuses

  1. Know what you want from life. Live your dream – no dream is too small or insignificant. If it matters to you, then IT matters!!
  2. Decide what action you need to take to live your dream – set yourself goals & write them down. The physical act of writing down a goal makes it real and tangible. Put it somewhere visible that you see every day – no excuses! If you want to live your dream then others need to know what that is. If you don’t like your handwriting then get it made into a bright & bold sign by a company. No excuses, remember!
  3. Make those goals powerful – turn any phrase that could be viewed as negative into a positive. If you’re not sure what I mean, ask someone else to look over them for you. Give your goals passion and excitement – how could you possibly make up an excuse to not carry out those thrilling, exciting and fun goals?!
  4. Make an action plan – write out the different steps you need to take – don’t worry about how will afford it or how you will find the time (these are the most wonderful excuses!) and instead focus on how the steps need to happen in order to achieve your dream. Be positive and trust yourself that they will happen.
  5. Be committed to do what it takes, and you will have what you want. Take action by sticking at your goals. Build in time to review your goals – your end result or goal may be the same over a longer period of time but your action plan may need to change along the way. Make sure your dream is something you really desire – if you don’t need it then those excuses will find a way to talk you out of it. Keep it relevant & place high value on your dream.

Only you can banish those excuses; only you can decide what you want from your life.


Living a wonderful life

Why can’t I have a wonderful life? Of course, you can! It just depends on how you FEEL about your life and what you DO to HAVE a wonderful life!

That’s it! You don’t need to read any more; you’ve found the answer! However, just in case you have hit a little stumbling block and aren’t really sure, let me tell you a secret.

Taking action is part of the formulae of living a fulfilling life – BE – DO – HAVE

Grab a massive sheet of paper and a pack of coloured pens. If you have a spare roll of wallpaper, even better! You can make your sheet of paper at least 2 metres long! Now choose the brightest coloured pens and write down all those positive feelings you want to have and as you write them focus on the energy they provide. Make those words absolutely MAHOOSIVE!! We don’t want little, scrunched-up words that are hiding away in the bottom corner! If you haven’t been feeling these positive thoughts for a while they HAVE to jump out at you. Big & bold!!

Here are some that may grab your attention but it’s up to YOU. Write down as many words as you want: happy, confident, daring, strong, brave, interested, interesting, alive, kind, content, thrilled, wonderful, thankful, joyful, loving, loved, comfortable, secure, passionate, optimistic, enthusiastic, free, dynamic & thankful.

Don’t forget about the way in which you write those words. They have to be BIG & BOLD!

Go ahead! Create the wonderful life you want & deserve!

Go ahead! Create the wonderful life you want & deserve!

Many people find that once they start their list that they know many more. Why not fill the whole page? When finished, step back from your masterpiece and circle three words that are the most important to you – draw a picture, symbol or write a few words that says what you will do to make you feel that way.

Make a promise to yourself today! Lead your life the way that you want to. Sure, there may be influencing factors that take you in one direction or another but the next time you find yourself choosing what direction to take, firstly consider how you want to feel.

Let’s think through an example: Emily lives in a small flat with her two flatmates. She has completed her list and she draws some flowers next to the word “wonderful”. She doesn’t have a garden, one of her roommates has a severe pollen allergy and after failed attempts to grow watercress – the first batch went yellow & the second only grew by about 3 cm – she has given up gardening for good. However Emily connects flowers with feeling wonderful- the bright colours & lovely smells. So what can Emily do?

It’s often quite easy to come up with solutions for others or to help someone out so take a step back and imagine you are giving advice to someone else. Take your three words and write down a few words or draw an image connected to what you will do.

Lastly, fold up your paper and write down today’s date on it AND what date it will be in a month’s time.

Go back to your list in a month’s time and let me know how you’ve got on. Have you put the wheels in motion to carry out your promise?