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How fit is the UK?

Public Health England reported some stats recently.. Average life expectancy has reached 79.6 years for men and 83.2 for women. In 2017, there were 1.35 million people aged 85 and over in England – nearly three times more than in 1971. By 2031, it could exceed two million, yet the number of years that people live in poor health is also going up.. That means men face about 16 years of ill health – a fifth of their life – and women more than 19 years or nearly a quarter of their life in poor health. Age-related diseases, such as dementia, we know have been increasing. Dementia, including Alzheimer’s disease, is already the leading cause of death in women and it looks set to overtake heart disease to soon become the biggest killer of men too.

Recently, I have been working with clients that mental health, such as anxiety, stress and depression are becoming part of our work landscape. So many of these areas can be addressed with the right techniques and strategies for people to do their work more effectively. Let’s start supporting our teams to feel happier at work.

Leadership is Your job!

Leadership is one of the most studied and analysed subjects in the Academic and Professional world. There are over 185,000 book titles on leadership alone on Amazon, and every modern university around the world offers courses lasting years on the study of leadership. From across the world of sport, politics, the military and business, successful leaders are championed, are put on a pedestal and paid thousands upon thousands, to share their teachings and wisdom across the world.

If you study any successful business you will see that leadership has been one of the core components of that success. Yet it is not only the leadership of the founder, or CEO, yet the personal leadership of the individuals that make up the company. Having worked with teams and companies around the world, I know that leadership is so much more than at board level.

Leadership comes down to each individual in the company taking personal ownership and responsibility for the success and the direction the company is headed in. Traditionally, personal leadership has not been taught. Often we call these skills “intangible” in that some people appear to have them and others lack in the areas of self-motivation, personal responsibility, initiative and authentic self-belief. Yet these are ‘tangible’ skills that can be taught and can be improved and perfected. If an organisation is committed to results, then empowering and educating staff to be true leaders will lead to long term growth and success.

Business is changing, businesses have to be flexible and open to the challenges the modern, tech driven world brings. The old status quo of hard work and good products/services is gone. For businesses to truly succeed now, they need so much more. That begins with personal leadership for all those within your team, Employees and Management who are committed to excellence, both individually and as a whole.

Personal Leadership can be taught and can dramatically improve the results you get. If you want to grow and empower Personal Leadership within your company, then you need to address the DAC factor. Drive, Attitude and Confidence underpin the level of personal leadership that an individual has. Technical knowledge and skills training are only foundations for an employee’s success. The DAC factor is what we focus on to truly grow and develop leaders across all the organisations we work with. I challenge you, to analyse how you currently develop personal leadership and take action on ways that you can develop the vitally important skills for long term success.

If you want to discuss how we can work together to truly empower Personal Leadership through a program we have developed to impact change in organisations, please get in touch via facebook or

Map the future you deserve through Goal Mapping!

It is widely accepted that goals play a huge role in the life of those who are successful. Having worked with individuals, teams and companies all over the world, I can categorically say that those who truly want to succeed and do, are those that commit to a process of regular goal setting.

Having said that, not all goal setting is equal. Not all goal setting is going to make the dramatic impact needed for you to significantly change the results you are getting. In most goal setting workshops, seminars and meetings, they only target the top layer of human desire and hence never truly create lasting impact or the significant shifts and trust me, I’ve been to many over the years!

There are ways to exponentially expand the power and impact that goal setting has, and it all comes down to activating and targeting the subconscious and your true potential.

Having spent over twenty years in the personal development field, I have heard a lot of different strategies and methods that claim to be “the best method” for setting goals and helping you achieve what you desire. Yet what I have also learnt, is that most goal “processes” are not designed to go deep into the subconscious and not truly connecting your brain, your heart and your future self.

A couple of years ago I was introduced to a system called Goal Mapping. I truly believe that this interactive processes will revolutionise your results and the quality of life that you lead. Goal mapping takes ancient wisdom and teachings (that we all know goals are important) and modern accelerated techniques into a holistic system designed for you!

Goal Mapping is different. It uses imagery (the language of the subconscious) to truly impact you and your future self, and, is the most powerful ‘life improvement’ tool for individuals and corporations. Having now worked with this system both in corporate environments and with individuals through workshops, I have seen the dramatic shifts that it enables people to create.

Whatever your desired outcomes are, I challenge you to explore the goal mapping system and making a decision to commit to the best goal setting practice. The goal mapping system can be utilised to achieve very specific outcomes to move you and/or your organisation forward.

To discuss how we can work together to enact change and get the results you deserve using Goal Mapping, please get in touch with me through 

Time to reflect on 2014

I am so blessed to reflect back at this time of year and be totally grateful for everything in our lives .. It’s been a truly outstanding year,with ups and downs ,yet even through the challenging times they teach us new life’s lessons and we find out more about ourselves and what we are capable of becoming – to stretch us, to grow us , to help us become an even better, even kinder person.

“Reflect upon your present blessings — of which every man has many — not on your past misfortunes, of which all men have some.”
Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol and Other Christmas Writings


I am so blessed to have some amazing friendships, friends I have known forever as well as some fantastic recent ones that will be true friends for life!blessings

Thanks to my Fabulous Juice Plus team – for everything we have worked together this year and boy oh boy just wait to see how we are going to make 2015 !!

CHRISTMAS is not only an important time to reflect on the year past – but to look ahead to the new year too. What are looking to change? Change yourself for the better and as you change, things will start to change for you.

Transformation – it’s great! Don’t be afraid to transform into a person you feel comfortable with. Thinking with your heart will lead you in the right direction.

This life can truly be lived .. Travelling the world , sharing fun crazy times , helping to make the world a better place ..

God Bless x