Negotiation and influencing in Sales

Influencing and negotiating are things we all try to do all the time. For instance, we want to influence our children to behave according to codes and values we feel are appropriate or we want our partners to choose the holiday we want. In business and especially sales we need to master the act of negotiation and should always be looking to improve this skill.

Negotiation and Influencing

Modern influencing is an art form, it should be executed with grace and elegance!

When you influence someone – what you are actually doing is getting them to see it from your point of view. When someone agrees with you, they are much more likely to follow your request/instructions.

1st step – is to think ‘How will this benefit them?

2nd step- Find their ‘hot button’– finding out what their ‘motivation to buy’ is key to your sales success.

3rd step- Find their wants and needs. (Wants are what drives a person –  needs are their emotional reasons for buying.)

4th step- Find their pain. (What would be the consequence if they did not take you up on your offer?) When they associate more pain to not doing something, (i.e. they may lose out, fear of loss) – they are more likely to buy.

Master your beliefs. It’s virtually impossible to influence someone if you do not fully believe in your product /service 100%- it comes across!

Everyone has it within them to become a master of influence.

Always make it a win – win for each party involve.

Confidence is a must!

I think this great info-graphic from University of Kent sums up influencing.



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