Inspiration, Commitment & Drive meet Mark Colbourne!

Hi All

I am just delighted this week for my friend winning GOLD at the Para Olympics games London 2012, if ever you needed inspiration to succeed just look at the personal journeys many of the Para-Olympic athletes who against all the odds have followed their dreams!

Mark Colbourne winning gold, a telegraph picture


Winning a sliver medal on Thursday and gold on Friday marks an amazing turnaround in his life. Would you believe that only 3 years ago he was involved in a devastating paragliding accident that resulted in 5 months in hospital with a broken back. He admitted during his darkest moments he believed his life was over, it just goes to show his strength of character to come back and win Olympic gold! Due to nerve damage he still has no feeling in his legs, only his quads, which have powered him around the velodrome to glory.

Mark was a former ruby player and all round sports nut so to break his back was just devastating, after his accident he tried a number of sports before he found cycling, just going to show that if you don’t succeed at first keep trying until it clicks! For Mark it was cycling, although at first he was using stabilizers; in a remarkably short space of time, a lot of dedication, hard work and sheer determination he was soon competing on the world stage.

Mark has an amazing story and I hope it will inspire a lot of people, he is one of the good guys and deserves every bit of success, Mark says:

“I am not sure what my story says other than if you face adversity head on, if you stay positive, you never know what door will open for you.”

I hope that you agree with me that his story illustrates with commitment, focus and a positive mental attitude anything can be achieved! Well done Mark!

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